Vanish Mold coming soon!

Announcing the newest product into the OutdoorHome brand.

Launching into Amazon and Home Garden and Pets late November 2016.

Vanish Mold:

The natural way to remove mold, mildew,  harmful allergens and pollutants.

100% Organic ingredients used in a water based gel work hard to eliminate mold, and other harmful airborne microbes and allergens safely and easily.

Non toxic and safe around pets and children.

Ideal for use in:

Home – musty rooms, closets, shoes, bathrooms, basements, kitchen, air con units, any rooms to freshen and clean the air.

Car – cleans air from air con system, removes pet, tobacco or other unwanted odors.

Boat – removes mold, mildew from cabin and bathroom.  Eliminates musty odors.

RV or Caravan – removes and freshens air in living areas and bathrooms removing mold, mildew and musty odors from being closed up.

Office – sanitizes the work environment and cleans air from air con units.  Removes stale, musty odors.

Here is a sneak peak at the product: