Penetration Testing Non Disclosure Agreement

IT is now an integral part of the company. As a result, not only is the amount of critical data stored on computer systems increasing, but also the reliance on a functioning IT infrastructure. The result is an increase in attacks on computer systems in the form of industrial espionage, denial-of-service attacks and other means of seriously harming a business. Important trade secrets are spied on and sold to competitors. The availability of systems is interrupted because the inopitility of information technology is now a growing problem. There are no new orders, because competitors always have the best offer. A penetration test will give you information about vulnerabilities in your systems, the likelihood of a successful attack on your infrastructure, and how to protect yourself from future security breaches. You`ll find an overview of the benefits of a Benefits penetration test. – Up – Each penetration test is preceded by an individual encounter. At this meeting, the various possibilities of a penetration test for the client`s systems will be discussed.

A penetration test only makes sense if it is performed individually and according to the customer. For more information on the different stages of a penetration test, click pentest. It may not be mandatory for companies to perform a penetration test, but German law contains, for example, many passages of text in its trade laws, which could be validated by carrying out a penetration test. A more detailed overview can be found in the German version of this section. Other countries may have similar laws. – Too advanced penetration tests may include social engineering techniques. However, these techniques are not undisputed. You will find more detailed information about the problems encountered during social engineering and penetration tests using.

A security measure against social engineering attacks can be training for your employees. – For any turnaround – RedTeam Pentesting is exclusively specialized in penetration testing, unlike many other it security companies, for whom penetration testing is one of the many commercial offers. In the absence of the know-how to perform a penetration test with security experts in many cases, automated security scanners are often sold as penetration tests. Clients of these service providers are most often given an expression of the program results as a result of the “penetration test.” RedTeam Pentesting employs security specialists who work closely together to achieve the best results. The results are documented in a detailed report of the penetrating fingers that performed the test, with the ambition to transmit the necessary knowledge about weak points in an understandable way. For our customers, this means that vulnerabilities can be better understood and problems can be solved more effectively. In particular, RedTeam Pentesting does not sell any other services before or after a penetration test. The penetration test should not be used to sell additional services, but rather to an independent security check. RedTeam Pentesting`s clients include national and international companies in all trades, including: Each customer receives a detailed report at the end of a penetration test. A standard report contains a non-technical summary of the results, to provide a quick and accurate overview of the current situation, followed by a more complete technical explanation for administrators, developers or other technical staff.