Long Term Facility Use Agreement

The Tenant has checked the physical condition of the facility, is fully aware of the physical condition of the facility, accepts the use of the facility in a condition “as we shall see” and undertakes to respect all the terms of the contract for the use of the facility, including the “determination of compensation, knowingly of the physical condition of the establishment”. The tenant and participants in the planned event, including the actors and the public, must be ordered at all times. Assuming that a request for the use of facilities will lead to disorderly behaviour or whose activities may have a negative effect on the school or community, the application for use of the organization is rejected. The tenant and the participants limit themselves and carry out their activities to the areas mentioned in the contract. The surfaces used must be kept in a clean and orderly condition. IT IS NOT ABOUT FOOD OR DRINKS ON STAGE OR IN THE SEATING AREA OF WILLSON AUDITORIUM. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE NOT ON EVERY PROPERTY SCHOOL AND PREMISES PERMITTED. THE USE OF TOBACCO PRODUCTS IS NOT PERMITTED WITHIN THE SCHOOL GROUNDS. The tenant must provide sufficient supervision for talent control, ticket sales, ringtones, personal property security and enforcement of the institution`s rules and regulations, as well as applicable government laws and local regulations. No later than one month before the planned event, specific arrangements will be made through the Business Services Office for schedules, schedules, staff, equipment and deliveries. The lessor does not undertake to make changes to applications and/or orders that are not specified in construction use contracts. It takes an average of two weeks to process all applications submitted to the Business Office. The organization requesting the use of the facility has access to the facility only after approval of the facility use agreement and only has access to the facility for the date specified in the agreement.

Please indicate all necessary devices and if a specific device is required. If you have any questions, please contact the Business Office at 522-6042. All media technical devices should be coordinated by the media specialist at 522-6392. To check the school district`s policy regarding school rentals, school rental fees and insurance requirements, please see the following links. A Facility Use Agreement contract must be signed by an authorized representative of the underwriter who uses the school and a representative of the landlord, Bozeman School District No. 7. Such a contract must be in full condition if it is received by the owner. For a potential tenant, no facility is held on an interim basis. The submital and subsequent approval of a Facility`s use contract is the only method to secure a location.

The owner, Bozeman School District No.7, reserves the right to terminate the Facility Use Agreement contract in the event of an emergency, which requires that the facility be available to the owner at the same time as the planned event. In this case, the owner, Bozeman School District No. 7, will attempt to provide the tenant with a replacement facility. For each application, royalties are calculated on the basis of fixed rental prices, staff, equipment and supply costs. Actual staff, equipment and procurement costs are billed and billed to the tenant after the planned event. Payment must be paid to Bozeman School District No.7. As a precondition for the use of the establishment, the tenant undertakes to release, rescue and retain its employees, representatives and representatives of all rights, commitments, claims, charges, judgments, judgments and all forms, including legal fees and reimbursable costs (individually or collectively” the “claims”). Personal, emotional, bodily or lost damage, invoked or invoked against the tenant, resulting from or resulting from the use of the facility by the tenant, including claims relating to the physical condition of the establishment or the origin of the damage, as the basis of the law by the F