Manpower Supply Agreement Format Qatar

Are you looking for contract employees? Spectech, Qatar provides contract staff resources. We offer our clients long-term or short-term contracts. You can choose any of our employees. Mob: Show the number70145599 E-mail: – Under: – Offer for workers who deliver on time. Sub-contract to be concluded after approval of the offer. Payment: Within 40 days of submitting the invoice for past months, departments and agencies can apply for free visas online. We ask for your friendly agreement as soon as possible and await your immediate response. The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs verifies and authenticates employment contracts to ensure they comply with Qatari labour law. Authentication is required for the following documents: Fraud Alert Read our security policy to protect against fraud and fraud. Here are guidelines.

Or report it now. This service allows individuals and institutions to issue a new residence permit or reactivate a new residence permit for expatriates in Qatar. We have a large number of qualified, qualified and unqualified people. We make available specialized professionals or professionals of crafts and crafts on a contact basis. Spectech will answer all necessary legal questions for our employees. We promise 24/7 hours of support to our customers. And we also promise our employees to work diligently, on time and complete the work on time. Our main focus is customer satisfaction.

. We are happy to offer our best price for the above theme as mentioned below and we assure you of the quality works with experienced workers. Take the following steps to authenticate a work service certificate: Ask for the issuance or reactivation of the residence permit according to the visa number.