Consideration Under An Agreement

According to Currie/Misa[2], there is consideration for a particular commitment if the beneficiary of the promise has a right, interest, profits or benefits (or will be acquired) in the event of leniency, loss, loss, loss or liability given (or incurred) to the promise. Leniency is only possible if a law is renounced. [3] [4] [5] However, even if a court decides that there is no contract, there could be a possible recovery according to the doctrines of quantum meridiumen (sometimes also referred to as quasi-contract) or as Estoppel of Solawechsel. Discuss your agreement with a contract lawyer and let it clarify. Call us to speak to a contract law lawyer on 44 20 7036 9282 or email us at Contract law says, “Reflection must move away from promise.” That is why the review may be insufficient from a commercial point of view, but for legal reasons: the past legislation, which has been implemented for review, would be a good reflection. In the case of Lampleigh vs. Brathwait, where the accused asked the complainant to assist him in obtaining a pardon from the king. The applicant strived, traveled up to the king, etc. its request was not accepted. The accused promised to pay him the same.

He later refused to do so. The complainants sued him. The court found that the defendant must pay the complainant because he himself asked him to help him. Therefore, the applicant`s act, even if it was done in the past, would still be considered a valid consideration. In the case of an intermediate conclusion between the parents or because of natural love and affection, it is enforceable without consideration. The importance of love and affection is not legal, but parties that are almost related would have instinctive love and affection. However, this could be cancelled due to certain external circumstances, such as. B between the wife and the husband, who are forced to live separately due to disputes.

But a settlement that give a woman`s man as alimony could be imposed without consideration, as it will lead to peace and family harmony.