Alaska Physician Assistant Collaborative Agreement

Medical assistants practising in Alaska must be informed of both their NCCPA-managed PA-C and their government license. From the beginning of 2014, PAs who wish to retain their PA-C will be required to receive 100 medical training credits every two years and pass a recertification exam every 10 years. The licence fee in Alaska must be renewed every two years, with all licences expiring on December 31 in even years. The extension costs $200 and requires the dad to complete an extension application. Since PhD students are considered graduates, potential candidates must have already graduated with a bachelor`s degree. PA programs are usually organo-scientific-based with a little psychology and often have prerequisites in these areas that need to be completed before the start of the main courses. A bachelor`s degree that already fills some of these loans can save time. These include majors in: a PA can perform a medical diagnosis and treatment if approved by the State Medical Commission and only as part of the practice of the cooperating physician. The State of Alaska Administration.

Code 12-40.430 Nurse Practitioners are not required to have a collaborative agreement and may exercise independently, without medical supervision, in accordance with Alaska Board of Nursing rules. The State of Alaska Administration. Code 12-44.400 surveillance rules. The assessment of the medical care and management of the clinic must be evaluated by the treating physician. The cooperating physician must have established a regular method of assessing the quality of the practice. Assessments must include, for a period of time, direct personal contact determined by the length of time the cooperation plan comes into force. The collaboration plan must include, at least monthly, personal contact by telephone, radio, electronic or direct contact between the medical assistant and the senior or assistant cooperating physician. The State of Alaska Administration. Code 12-40.430 and the Alaska Administration.

Code 12-40.410 A dental hygienist with at least 4,000 hours of clinical experience over a five-year period can provide additional services by entering into a cooperation agreement with a dentist licensed by the Alaska Board of Dental Examiners. The services provided as part of a cooperation agreement may be based on the dental hygienist`s own diagnostic and treatment plan, outside the dentist`s presence and in an environment other than the dental office. Alaska Stat. 08.32.115 Medical assistants in Alaska are the backbone of the public health system. For two Doctors at Last Frontier State, there are almost three PAs who earned an average salary of $96,630 in 2012.